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I Won!

4 Mar

It is an honor to receive such a prestigious award, especially amongst such respected nominees.  I would like to thank the Association of Shameless Self-Promotion (ASSP) and the Ironic Board of Sarcasm (IBS). 

Many business owners talk about awards and certifications from industry associations as if they are common household words.  They spend so much time with their colleagues and watching their competitors that they forget their potential customer or client is not up on the jargon.

Each week I communicate with hundreds of business owners and educated consumers.  I took note of a few industry awards and affiliations, and then investigated them from a variety of perspectives such as a customer, a competitor and someone that had the top honors from that association.

Now you probably know how I am all about recognizing exceptional work.  I also find it challenging to find honor for doing only the minimum requirement.  I also received awards and accolades myself.  Some I sought and earned while others were pure serendipity.  I admittedly  value some over others because of their merits.  I would not compare a “Best Actor” Award I received in middle or high school to be in any way equivalent to  an Oscar or a Tony Award.  My mother might be just as proud (meaning she would wish I got a “real” job).  Sometimes when I watch those awards shows I question the politics and measures in which one person may “win” over another.  In many industries we have no idea of the rules of the contest.  Who votes?  Who qualifies? Is it fair?  Is it political?  Are they evaluated only on the contest, or does the history leading up to the contest have any impact?  Is it a popularity contest or judged by an authority all the participants agree to?

Today there are so many organizations issuing “awards” that it is difficult to determine what is legit, and what is propaganda or creative advertising.      

If you are in the market for a widget and you see an ad from your favorite widget dealer claiming they have won “Best Widget” for the past five years from the Professional Widget Association, do you care?  Would it matter more if it was from a familiar organization that had been established and that you recognize?  Would you look into other Widget companies?

People choose to buy or use certain products or services over others for a variety of reasons, and being able to say you are the “best” can be a powerful, provided that people put value in the metrics that made you the “best”.    

There was a time when people won fair and square. They were congratulated and celebrated for their work.  The competition would shake their hand sincerely in the name of “good sportsmanship” and step up their game to win next time.

It seems today that everybody wins.  If they can’t be first and best, they run off and form a new organization/contest only they can win.  They see minimum qualifications as a end goal instead of a starting point.  Some organizations seem to be a conflict of interest for them to give an endorsement or an award, but it does not stop them. 

As for me, I just got my official Snipe Hunting License and can’t wait for the season to begin on April 1st.  I hear North East Texas is great for Snipe Hunting. Image