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Chapter 3 – The Age of Aquarius

31 Jan

When the moon is in triple O seven’s house and the sunset is as vibrant as Scarlett Lauren‘s hair, a Gal-In South sent a word to King Tim Black with Kelly J Kitchens Wickersham talent for getting the word out and Marion Castleberry and Harry B. Parker tasteful direction in delivering a message in an artistic way.  Patriotic runner Tiffany Walker Hauerwas ran the word to Patriotic Flight Chief Tracy B. Lee who flew Naomi Valkyrie McDonald to the start line so they call call it the “Flight of the Naomi Valkyrie” with Keith Kubal who wanted to make sure the course went over as many Renaissance Faires as possible.

Lauren Gatlin decided to take advantage of the in-flight wi-fi and check-in with Lindsay Roche and Britanni Johnson and tagged the word through social media.  Since Bold Blogger Rhyanna Odom was in their row she showed them how to make the most of their post.  Chelsea Lee noticed they started trending and Rob Gonzo grew concerned that might target their flight by those that have incentives to keep the word a secret so he recruited Derik Gilpin and KP Smith to help come up with a plan.

Renee Anthony Sitton gave the signal Valerie Geare Chandler to proceed.  Valerie did her electrical magic on the emergency door allowing daredevils David Dawson and Dennis Raveneau to snatch up the word and jump out of the plane.  It should have been previously noted that that David and Dennis were not experienced or even well prepared daredevils as they did not have a parachute, but seems fitting to put that after the fact because it was about this time they had realized their mistake.
Now as we all know Jennifer Middleton Taylor and Crystal Merritt are big believers in positive thinking.  They were quick to point out this is an opportunity for us all to show our stuff.  Sirs Taylor Young and Richard Dean Johnson also inspired sprung into action with extra chutes and plunged after the seemingly doomed daredevils.
Famous Actor and Sky Captain to the Rich and Famous Bart Noggle was flying at a slightly lower altitude and saw the four skydivers and knew something must be wrong, so he fired up his afterburners to get in for a closer look.  He knew that if he was chartering the flight he would have made sure they had parachutes AND jet packs.  He put his plane on auto pilot and radioed Don Selasco to guide the plane in as he jettisoned himself out with the jet pack in pursuit of the skydivers.
Alida Jones watched and prayed from her window as Aaron Collins recommended they all do the same.  Tonja Maben secured the door to restore cabin pressure and then scolded those who did not put their oxygen masks on first before helping the children. Harold Y Valerie Huertas looked unimpressed knowing the day would be saved.
Bart grabbed one daredevil in each hand and the other two pulled their chutes and they safely landed in what appeared to be a Renaissance Faire judging by the dull swords and spandex.
Ryan Shreve ran up and bowed.  “All Hail the new King!” Coy Sevier and Jeff Baldwin swiftly appeared on the scene with lights and sirens.   “Stop in name of the law!” ordered Katie Casey.  The five raised their hands above their heads.
Are we being detained?” Asked David
You are under arrest for possession of an anachronistic jet pack and parachutes!” Commanded Coy.
Anything you say will be improvised against you in the name of entertainment.” said Jeff.
And charge them with breaking the fourth wall without creative license!”  added John Victor Allen.
I have a creative license for working in Shane-Arts for over 2 decades!” defended Bart.
When was the last time you had it renewed?” asked Peggy Stermer McMurtray.

Bart could not answer fast enough so Silky Hart Michero and Katie-Rose Watson took great pleasure in binding the hands and feet of the five new prisoners, the the five prisoners seemed to enjoy it more than they should.

Take em away!” ordered Jeff and Coy.
Where do we take them?” questioned Lindsay Roche
Away!” Yelled everyone in unison!
Take us to your leader.” pleaded Bart
Let’s take em to the Queen. ” concluded Amy Wood
As they headed out a crowd of women had formed and where cheering and yelling various cliches such as “Off with their heads” by Ann Sheehan and “He’s a witch” by Bettye Zoller.
As they passed through various groves the shouted cliches seemed to come from various B-movies and cult classics.  As they came over the hill they could hear the music of Chris Arterburn and see the country dancers Candeda MichelleChristi Smith AllenCat Preston and Christie Gard all choreographed by the talented Courtney Mulcahy.  Although this was supposed to be Renaissance Period music the prisoners all agreed it looks like the hippies form Hair singing the Age of Aquarius.  “That is what I was going for.” affirmed Courtney.
The beat blended into a fanfare followed up by Kami Kreaps announcing the Dancing Queen Anna Bananovna!
Carrie BreckenridgeCaSandra CosseyAndrea Benningfield RobertsMara Richards Bim and Kristen Elizabeth Rice Jackson each stood behind their respective prisoner and dropped them to their knees in the presence of the Queen.
“Who are you?” She demanded in her sexy Russian accent
“Your devoted servants” charmed Bart.  After all this wasn’t his first rodeo and his charmed worked as she signaled for Gabriel Morgan Vinson to release them so they could dance.  Each of the prisoners took a dance partner and danced into each others eyes until there was not a care in the world.
That was until Burt Rutherford road up with Francis Alindogan in a Jeep with a Rpj Prod sticker on it.
We are here to rescue you!” they said.

Does it look like we need rescuing?” answered both Bart and Anna dancing in the pale moonlight.

For this moment, all seemed right with the world.

Chapter Two – B*Day Boogaloo

24 Jan

Meanwhile across town, on the wrong side of the other tracks, the mischievous Jenny Slocum was explaining to her honorable henchmen Manny Mendoza, Andrew Milbourn and William Brown how one way, or another, she was gonna find her and “Getcha Getcha Getcha Getcha“.

Who is she?” asked Sean Patrick Henry rather sincerely.
…or rather her?” corrected the marvelous Marmendy Welker Thompson

Jenny explained that the one she was referring to was the granter of Birthday wishes and that her name must be kept secret to build suspense for the story and also if you say her name three times she will manifest in the mirror of a bathroom when you turn out the lights.

What are we even talking about?” exploded Ethan A Sheffield
Yea.  So what!?” heckled Angela Cushing
I don’t want to be in a dark bathroom!” popped Sarah Baranauskas

Jenny calmed and soothed everyone’s suspicions as she elaborated on how they were all very instrumental characters in the story.  Of course Amy Barrick and PJ Palmer wanted more details complete with charts and graphs and Michael MrHumanity Guinn knew he could explain it all better with rhythm and flow.

“What do we call her as so she doesn’t manifest?  Is it like ‘he who shall not be named’ or the Scottish King’“? asked thespian Julie Collmer Campbell

She shall be referred to only as #ourpro proclaimed Jenny.

After a skeptical and awkward pause, the fashion prince Dan Pritchett told the tale of how he once set his armada of fashionistas on a quest to find her but to no avail.  Ineka Guerra believes she is a story.  “The stuff of legend” reaffirmed Jamie Scharfschwerdt Nugent.

I am the stuff of legend” cried Jenny!  “I taught her everything she knows!”  And now she just goes around using the power of the universe to grant everybody’s wishes.  “What does the think she is?

A Leprechaun?” asked Anna Loya.
I think she means Genie“offered Deborah Marshall
Rainbows, bottles, pots of gold, it’s all the same thing“concluded Mike Hathaway.
My favorite film fantasies?” Sonny Boucher
A product of our endangered environment.” suggested Maria Consuelo
Angel Unger pointed out that is the stuff for another blog.

NO!  The stuff of dreams. Just like us.  If she is not stopped she can put our whole world in danger.  Who’s going to bring me her head? ” Jenny asked but her enthusiasm was not shared by anyone else.  Then in an effort to reconnect with her audience she said “I also want a taco.

YES!  That is a cause I am into” sassed Andres Ortiz.
Me too!” said  Shakey Amy Behar.  “Right after Dystonia Awareness“.
I LOOOVE TACOS!!!” sung Michelle Hames

Mark Hanson offered to drive but he could only take one person on his motorcycle, and he knew he wanted that person to be the charming and beautiful Chelsie Birks but Scott Prewitt had other plans jumping on the bike just before Chelsie could get her leg over.

No Fair” she complained!  “I am the fairest of them all” Scott retorted.
You are both silly” observed Antonia Hubert.  “We can all go in Captain Nick C Kirk‘s Starship
Or!  Or you can just let me cook for all of you.  I make great tacos” offered Linda P Nguyen
Dan Carro passed out some #TEAMTACO SWAG and Shaunda Terrell trained everyone to be #Lone Star Spartans while  Michelle Harvey put together an incredible design.  

So as they all agreed to stay and eat Linda’s tacos and form a strategic plan to find #ourpro.  All aside from Stephanie Patterson who thought the Dallas Stars would be there and would rather hang with her cat than pursue this mysterious wish granter. Kenneth Noisewater also declined because it was his Birthday not realizing the future of all Birthday wishes stood in the balance.  Sara Dawn Wilkins certainly got it and so they put the plan in motion.


As the full moon hit the sky like a big pizza pie, that’s… more of a cue than anything else.  A cue for Peggy Kruger-O’Brien to call “PLACES!” Jennifer Fortson, Noelle Mason and Kateri Cale and Angela Wilson to hit their marks while Lynne DeeAnge la Roc and Kaylee Murray found their light. Bill Rhoten yelled “ACTION!”  Brandi Nicole to set her watch and started her epic run while Gregg Csikos and his crew to set sail leading the masses of mermaids led by Shanna Rozelle Baynton.  The over-elaborate plan was set in motion.

The soundtrack of the delightful Delores Elder-Jones played as Kelly Cochran Davis
and Shay Hall made sure the next phases were taking place.  Gini Mascorro made a calendar of all the phases and Brenda Ann Saball made a checklist to be sure nobody dropped any balls. Bob Erwin and his opposite from a parallel universe Erwin Bob had them do simple tasks.  Isabella Russell-Ides began writing the epic tale with Nick Gibbons who punched up the comedy and Jody Pham-Gurke agreed to do the illustrations.

Robert BellamyChris Yacoub and Charlotte Crumm cleaned up any left over Tacos.
What will they call this epic plan?” asked Mike Landry.
The B*Day Boogaloo!” answered Sharla Cockrell quickly.
And Jenny nodded for it was written and it was good.

Chapter One – Capricorn One (point 1)

17 Jan


Once upon a long time ago in a land far far away, yet somehow strangely relevant to current culture and issues, there was a beautiful protagonist.  For the sake of this part of the story we shall call “our protagonist” or #OurPro for short.  She was the muse for the masses.  Among those amused masses was the infamous energy artist  Christina Adolphsson and she thought she would journey to her to see what the energy had in store for her right after the first newest moon.  

As she set out on her quest she was stopped by the Mitchell Lofts in Deep Ellum to see what appeared to be Kurt Basa doing some physical improvisation with Ashley Bell.  Impressed, #OurPro threw down a few coins in the spirit of early street theater.  “WHY ARE YOU THROWING THINGS AT US?” shreaked an over-dramatic Audra Hatchett.  “Relax” soothed the calming male voice of Halim Jabbour as he picked up a coin to show to Audra.  “It’s money!”  Gideon Swift swiftly took center stage apologizing for the over-reaction.  “She suffers from Post Dramatic Show Disorder.  A condition that affects 9 out of 10 street performers over the age of 20“.

Our protagonist (#ourpro) charmed “She doesn’t look a day over 20“.  Moved by such a convincing performance Cathy Lynn CrockettCandy Causey Frazier and Elizabeth Riley triangulated our protagonist as Tim NewKirk offered her a role.  She replied “Oh, I wouldn’t know what to say…” only to be cut off by Stephen Adly Guirgis who quickly said “Leave that to me and I will write you the best role imaginable“.  Matt Roc Jahnel chimed in “and I will make sure you look amazing“.  Jordan Galland said “I will make you a star with street cred”, Melissa Cashion said she would manage the production and Maggie P Adams assured “And I will always have your back“. 

Feeling she was properly inspiring their talents she smiled and let them know she must be on her way.  She blew them a kiss and they bowed and said this was not a performance but an audition for Tanya Smith Foster and Michael Cain and his twin brother real Michael Cain.  She felt the Jib Arm of Bobb Truax capturing the performance on camera and Britt Carver and Jeremy R Inman lending their talents to the crew. Charlcye Christa Bryson explained while they appreciate the inspiration they could not accept her coins for merely an audition. 

The beautiful protagonist politely refused the refund and suggested they split the coins with Barb Segal Rosenfeld and C.j. Davis.  “Why them?” asked Brandon DeShong and William Hudspeth.  “There are so many worthy of your valuable coins”.  Just then several shadows began to materialize into the familiar faces of Andrews W Cope, Carol Rice and Brittney Boswell.  “Because it’s our Birthday” said Rita Bostic Oden.

#OurPro asked Rita if money was what she wished for for her Birthday wish which led to a cynical debate on whether Birthday Wishes come true between Elian Haan and Wendy Rene’e on Team YES THEY DO and Shannon Marketic and Victoria Lansey on Team WISHES ARE SENTIMENTAL SORCERY.  While they had everyone distracted with their powerful points, C.d. Kirven provided a way for our protagonist (#ourpro) to slip out without disturbing the action.  There was Mike Lowe in the getaway bug.  #OurPro slipped into the VW and off they went jamming to a mix tape made by music connoisseur Jonathan Beckham.


After a quick stop by El Centro Stem they arrived safely back in Deep Ellum at an amazing party at St. Pete’s.  Of course it was amazing because it was promoted by Cynthia Long and Lisa Taylor.  Meredith Fugate toasted their arrival and went off on some inside jokes about Batman being a sex camel.  Kathi Kibbel explained some stuff about how batman camels can store their sex drive in their humps because “Science!”  Kathy Brintzenhofe was still mortified at the explanation.  Brittany Paige did an installation of Tree Art with some help from Asel Art Supply and Lc Cola was serving some drinks.  Zac Ramsey, Jakie Cabe, Daniel ForsythePeyton Hayslip and Thomas Surtees McWhorter are performing scenes from their latest project with Dan Nolen Jr and Christie Vela, while Christopher Carlos took notes.  Denise Cannizzo was dancing and Kirsten Brandt James was working her magic with Dream Venturini. Special musical guests Josh McGill, Michael James are keeping everybody moving while Justin Martin makes it all sound perfect.

Thom Pain was quick to point out this was HIS Birthday and not to be confused with the 1/2 Birthday of Tim Shane which was a trending topic amongst the guests.  Mary Ann Sherman was taking photos while promoting the Say NO to SELFIE movement.  The event was catered by Richard Chamberlain although host Steven Doyle told her all about the food and what was best on the menu while Suzanne Chavira told her what was best for her health from a super food perspective.  Dustin Hodge saved them a seat right next to the famous George Elwell.

Seated at the table was Alexandra Mauro and Dee Dogger quite enthralled in the festivities.  Our protagonist (#ourpro) took a moment to take it all in and listen to all the music as well as all of the simultaneous conversations.  She eavesdropped on Jim Kuenzer talking with Dan Glaser about the random improvisation auditions that seem to be popping up everywhere while Evelyn Jones Reed was talking about the nomadic writers wandering the world.  CC Stinson was listening intently to Emily CheekJessica Roberts, Jane Willingham and Dallas Black Actors rant about the State of the Arts in North Texas.  Lori Claborn was talking about how the clothes make the man to John Wayne Daugherty and Kyle Hancock while Paige Martin Reynolds asked the question of who makes the clothes.

Colleen Coyle was talking about the weather and Mark Shum was wondering “Whether what?”  Wesley Williams was leading an online blog about how to network while waiting in line for the restroom at parties with Nina HarpLisa MendozaDawn Glover and Harriet Boorhem.  Alix Milne was working the other line explaining to Lynn HaleCarole Anne and Georgia-Marshelle Phillips Viertel why amphibious theater is so important to Water, Earth and Air signs.  Regina Cross was also networking their networking into power networking.   Jennifer Patton and Jennifer Styers are playing a game of one-upmanship for who is the better Jennifer.

There was a clanking of drinking glasses that was not at all like the breaking of reading glasses or the gnashing of teeth, but a sound that brought the music, performances and  Gutterth Live to a smooth stop.  The super smooth host Wilbur Penn was on the microphone with Heather Shaw Young to give a powerful and moving introduction to legendary theater teacher Kim Stinson.  As Mr. Stinson took the microphone a miracle happened.  It might very well be the greatest standing ovation of applause ever.  You know how you have to clap if you want a fairy like Tinkerbell to live?  Well this applause gave birth to an entire fleet of faeries. (or fairies if you prefer).


As you might imagine, some people freaked out and some where in awe.  This was all part of #OurPro’s plan.  Just as Santa has to deliver all those gifts on Christmas day, this muse could use some help in granting all those Birthday Wishes.  There was at least one fairy for every guest.  Some such as Tambry Haagen, Katy Lane and Suzanne Harper had a plethora.
Beth Jenkins explained what a plethora is for those that did not Google it.

Some guests such as Rosa Vasquez wished for everyone to experience joy while others such as Christopher Zielke wished for more wishes.  Andi Schlict and Nancy Kay Grossman kept their wishes to themselves as not to jinx them.  Tina Ng wished to keep her fairy as a companion.  Chad R Jung thought they were gremlins and kept shining bright light on them and Carolyn Lindeman was attempting to shoot them with a water pistol.  Some wished to have the lovely life of Lynne Lowder or see the wonderful world of Winona Wenying Yu.  Wanda Muston Yauch and Nancy Lamb asked to save their wishes for later.

Three of the fairies, Kimberly Powell, Jody Rudman and Molly Davis Nedley conspired in the corner to form the Cool Capricorn Club.  However by the power of three they were able to open a portal to the Sassy Sagittarius Supper from the previous year and bring 3 fairies from the past to the party.  Katherine Bower, Nevada Nicole and Janna Zepp crossed over and joined Kim, Jody and Molly to form the Wish Squad.  This will be important later for the prophecy which Karen Bower Robinson warned everyone of.  There will be a test.

Chris Widomski and David Willingham started the music again and the party began to pick back up and everyone was granted their wishes including Marisa Diotalevi made her debut.

It is important for you to understand where everybody is, who they are and what they want.  This will all come into play at some point.  As #OurPro was preparing to continue her journey, she did the rounds at the party to let people know she was leaving and make sure nobody was left out.  Molly Moroney said she had no idea that these parties were so much fun but Heath Billups assured her they are and she should always come when invited.

It did get a bit confusing when some guests such as Caroline Whitton Yellott and  Tanasha Friar cloned themselves into Carolines’s Country Living and Tanasha Nicole.  However this way they were able to thank everyone for coming.  Angela Allen helped #OurPro to the spotlight and Nancy Smith Munger got her a microphone.

Happy Birthday!” wished #ourpro most sincerely as she mysteriously made her exit.  “How does she doe that?” asked Martha Russell Tiller.  “Where is she?” asked David DeRocha.  “Who is she?” questioned Chad Halbrook.

I have a feeling this is just the beginning said Genesis Alana.

Happy Birthday (#HappyTSBday)

12 Jan


For the past several years I have been known for remembering, honoring and celebrating birthdays.  Lately this has been on social media, but those who have known Pre-Social Media such as Facebook, MySpace and Blogs know this is not a recent development.  

So how did it all start and why do I make such a big deal about your birthday?  

Originally from Chicago I was raised Catholic in a private Catholic School.  Family and holidays were a pretty big deal, and it was always someone specials Birthday and occasion for a family gathering.  My younger sister was usually a week or so before Thanksgiving so we would all get together and feast.  My Birthday is in July and the family would gather at our house and celebrate my Birthday with the 4th of July.  Watching the nation celebrate what I thought my Birthday made me think everyone else was missing out.  (This might be one of the roots of my healthy self-esteem)  Then what seemed like all-the-sudden, my father was relocated and our immediate family moved to Texas while almost simultaneously my mother became a Jehovah Witness.  I had to make all new friends in a new school in what was quite a culture shock.  (Especially for those that have known me all that time)  Also Jehovah Witnesses are not big on holidays but especially birthdays.  It would later dawn on me during my teenage years that my Birthday was actually over a week later in the month of July.  It is one thing to never know what it is like to have an epic birthday, and quite another to know that special feeling and have it taken away.  (Especially during those angsty formidable years).  

It became quite apparent to me that everyone wants to feel special on their Birthday, even if they typically don’t want the spotlight.  Even if they say Birthdays are not a big deal, we all want to be acknowledged and when you make someone feel special they remember it.  For those close to me I always remember your birthday, and I always do my best to out-do my previous Birthday wishes and salutations.  Whether you like gifts, big parties or just to know you are not on a John Hughes movie, your birthday is important and so are you.   

So I always did my best to make Birthdays special.  As a teacher in my classes, or as a performer in an interactive show or even running a Singing Telegrams company to make the wishes memorable. Another question I am frequently asked is where do you know all of these people?  Of course once you know over 365 people the probability is pretty high that more than one person is going to have the same Birthday, and I might perform to that many people in a single show.  

As a performer I never dreamed of winning an Oscar or Tony, but rather wanted to be a household name and would know I “arrived” when my name was highlighted on my Birthday in the newspaper amongst all the celebrities, horoscopes and famous people in history.  Since I share a Birthday with Harrison Ford, Sir Patrick Stewart and Julius Caesar that was a pretty tall order.  However I thought I would pay it forward.  

Happy Birthday wishes morphed into titles of alliteration which evolved into titles or royalty and hashtags (#HappyTSBday).  Many would write private messages thanking me for the posts and others would write me telling me how I broke their hearts not getting online.  As technology took the figurative pens, characters and keyboards out of our hands it became harder and harder to do the Birthday Post without losing a wifi connection, getting a phone call or Facebook just deciding I was taking too much time to post.  The average Birthday post consisted of over 30 tags so I had to think of something that would take your Birthday to the next level in 2016.  

What can be better than being featured amongst many great people on your Birthday?  My answer to level up is to immortalize you in a story.  The NEW BIRTHDAY STORY!

Happy Birthday!

Love #Shanespeare



Who AM I?

11 Jan


That space between who we think we are and who we really are.  
The distance between what we would like to do and what we actually do. The difference between how others view us and we perceive ourselves.
The distance from the problem to the solution.

That’s who I am.  Who are you?

I am an “Artrepreneur” connecting brilliant minds to brilliant resources.
I am a bold leader of leaders inspiring others to reach their optimal purpose and never be limited by those that are afraid of success.
I am the best I can be even if there is nobody around to witness or compete.

I am a Spartan!  Aroo! Aroo! Aroo!

The thoughts, philosophies and opinions expressed herein are my own and do not reflect any of the organizations in which I am affiliated, associated or otherwise involved.  I hope some of these thoughts move you to some emotion and hopefully action and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.





2016! I AM IN YOU!

9 Jan

What a difference a year makes!  I’ve been looking forward to this post for quite some time as 2015 proved to be both the most challenging and the most rewarding.  I do my best to live every day and every moment exceeding my personal best. This post is more about benchmarks and milestones than hoping to keep cliche promises to myself.  Moreover I put this out there online with the intention to share, inspire and connect as we all continue our human adventure.  Looking forward to meeting the challenges of leveling up in 2016!


While proud of my 2014 Spartan Trifecta I am even more proud of my lifestyle change exceeding the Triple Trifecta in 2015 including destination racing and confidence in knowing I will achieve my 2016 goals. The Hawaii Trifecta experience was such an awakening! I look forward to expanding my Spartan Travels in 2016 and going for the ULTRA Beast and the Spartan Triple Trifecta Delta!  (!



2015 claimed many of my companions and dealing with death and loss forced me to deal with aspects of myself I viewed as weakness but were needed as strengths (sensitivity, humility, humbleness, feelings).  I lost my father, thankfully not my mother that survived the Tornado, both my cats and too many friends and loved ones.  Life is too short to have many walls, but it is good to have boundaries.  I have a feeling 2016 will provide many opportunities where I will have to know the difference.

Continuing to BOLDLY GO

If I may be so “Bold” ever since I learned the word “mission” I knew mine was to “boldly go where no one has gone before”.  Once again I underestimated my professional goals.  In a lesson on goal setting I made what I thought was a stretch goal for myself.  (A V-12 Aston Martin DB9).  Just when I thought I was living the dream with my TR6 I thought I would show how setting a goal, developing a plan and following through can lead to success, but it turned out to happen even faster than I optimistically projected.  My goal was to build my dream team and while I am aligned with some incredible talent and a crew that would make any Captain of the Starship Enterprise proud, but there is still a great deal of room for improvement and new roles to fill.  There are also many new projects which will be launched under the Shane-Arts or Bold banners.  
In 2016 I plan to surround myself with the right people to keep me exceeding my personal best in addition to me helping them exceed theirs. May all the roles be cast, the dream team assembled but in 2016 I hope to always keep a chair open for that new rising star.   

(  and

Keep On Saving The Day!


The lifestyle change of eating better and being better to the environment has continued to the point where I had almost no trash and while I was proud putting out four times the recycling to a single bag of trash, by eating clean, healthy and sustainable the even the recycling declined taking reducing my footprint to a new level.  This also brought about a healthy diet and reignited my passion for cooking.  Many seem to think healthy clean eating is boring and taste bad but I actually found the opposite to be true.  There have been many times in 2015 that people that justify certain toxins for themselves have been impressed with my healthy alternatives, even though I do my best to focus on the flavor and experience rather than the healthy substitutions.  I do not believe I am missing a thing but I am able to keep optimizing my performance while still enjoying all the goods.  In 2016 I plan to do more sharing of delicious food and drink through healthy (or healthier alternatives).    

As always, there are a few other experience, knowledge and financial goals I do not wish to put out there on the internet, but they are out there in the universe and I look forward to celebrating their success in 2017.