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2016! I AM IN YOU!

9 Jan

What a difference a year makes!  I’ve been looking forward to this post for quite some time as 2015 proved to be both the most challenging and the most rewarding.  I do my best to live every day and every moment exceeding my personal best. This post is more about benchmarks and milestones than hoping to keep cliche promises to myself.  Moreover I put this out there online with the intention to share, inspire and connect as we all continue our human adventure.  Looking forward to meeting the challenges of leveling up in 2016!


While proud of my 2014 Spartan Trifecta I am even more proud of my lifestyle change exceeding the Triple Trifecta in 2015 including destination racing and confidence in knowing I will achieve my 2016 goals. The Hawaii Trifecta experience was such an awakening! I look forward to expanding my Spartan Travels in 2016 and going for the ULTRA Beast and the Spartan Triple Trifecta Delta!  (https://youtu.be/9yEf_HG9520)!



2015 claimed many of my companions and dealing with death and loss forced me to deal with aspects of myself I viewed as weakness but were needed as strengths (sensitivity, humility, humbleness, feelings).  I lost my father, thankfully not my mother that survived the Tornado, both my cats and too many friends and loved ones.  Life is too short to have many walls, but it is good to have boundaries.  I have a feeling 2016 will provide many opportunities where I will have to know the difference.

Continuing to BOLDLY GO

If I may be so “Bold” ever since I learned the word “mission” I knew mine was to “boldly go where no one has gone before”.  Once again I underestimated my professional goals.  In a lesson on goal setting I made what I thought was a stretch goal for myself.  (A V-12 Aston Martin DB9).  Just when I thought I was living the dream with my TR6 I thought I would show how setting a goal, developing a plan and following through can lead to success, but it turned out to happen even faster than I optimistically projected.  My goal was to build my dream team and while I am aligned with some incredible talent and a crew that would make any Captain of the Starship Enterprise proud, but there is still a great deal of room for improvement and new roles to fill.  There are also many new projects which will be launched under the Shane-Arts or Bold banners.  
In 2016 I plan to surround myself with the right people to keep me exceeding my personal best in addition to me helping them exceed theirs. May all the roles be cast, the dream team assembled but in 2016 I hope to always keep a chair open for that new rising star.   

(www.shane-arts.com  and   www.boldstaffing.com)

Keep On Saving The Day!


The lifestyle change of eating better and being better to the environment has continued to the point where I had almost no trash and while I was proud putting out four times the recycling to a single bag of trash, by eating clean, healthy and sustainable the even the recycling declined taking reducing my footprint to a new level.  This also brought about a healthy diet and reignited my passion for cooking.  Many seem to think healthy clean eating is boring and taste bad but I actually found the opposite to be true.  There have been many times in 2015 that people that justify certain toxins for themselves have been impressed with my healthy alternatives, even though I do my best to focus on the flavor and experience rather than the healthy substitutions.  I do not believe I am missing a thing but I am able to keep optimizing my performance while still enjoying all the goods.  In 2016 I plan to do more sharing of delicious food and drink through healthy (or healthier alternatives).    

As always, there are a few other experience, knowledge and financial goals I do not wish to put out there on the internet, but they are out there in the universe and I look forward to celebrating their success in 2017.



The name is BOLD

19 Sep

I have been promising an explanation for leaving my position at the Dallas BBB. Here it is.

They say if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life, and it was no secret I fell in love with working at the Bureau.  Every day presented new challenges and new opportunities.  We fought the good fight every day next to like-minded individuals that believed in not only solving problems, but inspiring and empowering people to do business better.  There was always something new to learn  I looked forward to work every day and could see how my team and I were making a difference.

In the past year I was the leader in bringing in new businesses and promoting trust in the marketplace  using my fundraising and philanthropic skill set in the area of sponsorships.  This was not the kind of environment where you are “micro-managed”, rather the kind where you were inspired by good “leadership”.  There were some changes in that leadership and I was even a candidate for position of Vice President.  Why would I leave?

“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” (Zig Ziglar)

A few of those aforementioned inspirational leaders formed a team of brilliant minds and talent within the system and asked me to be included.  They offered me a team and a leadership role that would utilize many of my additional talents while allowing me to bring that leadership and talent to multiple organizations around the U.S. and the world.

Since my arrival I have been able to do more in a week than I used to do in a month, basically doing the same job on a larger scale and it has been keeping me quite busy.  Although I am working with many familiar faces from my post at Dallas and I have brought in some others that I have worked with previously, it is a vital new organization Built On Leadership Development.  The name is BOLD!

My extension is also 0007 (That is 007 with an extra 0 to show I mean business)